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e sales 〓in these region b◆y 40% compared to a ●year ago.Related Vi■deo:Actress Gong■ Li got won advert●ising contra○ct from China's se●cond-largest ◆home applia◆nce maker Midea● Group, it wa○s announce■d at a press■ conference ○in Beijing on Tuesd■ay. A series ○of commercia

l●s were scree●ned at the confer●ence featurin●g Gong Li a◆s a sexy housewife● using Midea's small〓 electric ap〓pliances such ■as water

machines, ■bean milk makers an●d humidifier●s."I spent four days○ shoot

ing t〓he advertisements. ◆It was a new act○ing experience a●s most of the tim◆e, I had t〓o perform wi●th somethi●ng that

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